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 Zari embroidery to complement your jewelry!

Literally meaning ‘gold embroidery’, zari is a Persian art, where beautifully intricate patterns are sewn into the fabric, using a gold or silver coated copper alloy, wound around a pure silk thread.


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Zari Work

Zari, originating from the Persian word, ‘zardozi’ literally means gold embroidery. Although it has adorned saris since the time of the Rig Veda, it reached its peak during the reign of the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. Traditionally, it involved embroidering intricate patterns using silver and gold wire. Today, an alloy of copper wire, polished in silver or gold is used to coat a silk thread.

Motifs employed in zari embroidery suggest a strong Persian influence, especially in the stylization of flowers, leaves and animals. It isn’t unusual to catch a glimpse of the golden glitter of zari out of the corner of one’s eye when attending a wedding or a festive celebration of great importance. After all, if the Vedas are to be believed, this fine art has been ‘the attire of the gods’ since time immemorial


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