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             Do you find it difficult to accessorize a sari? Not only does a woman wish to know how to don a sari appropriately, but she also wishes to know how to adorn it with the correct jewellery. So here are a few styling tips that will help you achieve “The perfect look.”

            Saris don’t have to always conform to the tradition. It’s all about experimenting today. The latest trend is merging a traditional look with a modern look. The old traditional styles are being incorporated into the more contemporary outfits. Wearing a nathani (nose ring), kamar patta (traditional belt), chaabi ka guchha (key ring), haath phool (hand cuff), maang tika are a few pieces of the traditional jewellery that women are flaunting with their saris.

            One could team up a plain sari with an embellished kamar patta to enhance the look of the sari. One could opt for a one jewellery look, like a traditional nose ring. A haath phool is an authentic jewellery piece that would complement the sari. One could also team up the two pieces of jewellery in a single look. (Shown in the picture below.)                                                                                                                              

             Maang tikas are very much in vogue right now. One could easily pair them up with the sari giving it an ethnic touch. Some choose to accessorize their saris with ear cuffs, belts, statement necklaces etc.

             Moving on, you should also keep in mind the pattern, print and embellishment of the blouse and the print, border and the work of the sari while selecting the jewellery to be paired with the sari. If you decide to wear a printed sari, then skip the necklace and throw in some heavy earrings or/and bangles to complete the look. (Shown below).  

                  If your blouse has heavy work done on it, then try and stay away from heavy jewellery. You could always wear dainty pieces of jewellery to go with heavy saris. Stick to the “less is more” mantra.(Shown below.)



                Finally you could always give the sari a twist and go for the no jewellery look. It looks as splendid as a jewellery laden outfit would look. Overdose of bling is a big no-no. You have the freedom to play around with the jewellery, therefore choose wisely. Remember to keep it simple yet stylish.



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