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Stunning Saris

Winter is finally here... and so is the wedding season. Colourful shamianas, delicious spread of mouth watering dishes, Sangeet, Mehndi, Chuda ceremonies. And the most important part of the celebration are the clothes. Matters uppermost in everybody’s mind are what material, which colour and style is appropriate for each function. Every woman wants to look stunning and silk is definitely the best choice. It has to be a Kanjeevaram or a Banarasi...with a sexy blouse!  

Kanjeevarams are very precious because they are woven from pure mulberry silk threads mixed with a single zari thread.  The motifs are inspired from nature – parrots, peacocks, temple designs and scenes from the Ramayana. Colours are vibrant rich pinks and reds. In heavy Kanjeevarams the “Pallu” is woven separately and the borders are broad. Rekha, the Bollywood actress, made these saris famous as she always makes her appearances spectacular, draping her sari in unique ways.

Banarasi saris are the pride of place in every Indian woman’s collection. The art of silk weaving in Banaras and Kasi, the oldest cities of the world, is recorded in ancient Vedic Scriptures and thrived way back in the Mauryan empire, one of the great empires of the ancient world. In the Buddha sutra, when Prince Siddhartha decided to renounce the world, he takes off his silk clothes which were woven by the Kasi weavers.  

The typical Banarasi sari has a “booti” motif and the designs are inspired from the Mughal culture. During the reign of Akbar the Great, brocade & zari work developed to great heights in Banaras.... The highlight of Banarasi saris is the ” Pallu” which is so beautiful that you will treasure the sari like an heirloom.

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